Flagstone Hotel

Alchemy Consulting can provide reports to assess a variety of accessibility requirements over a wide range of residential, commercial and seniors living projects.

Flagstone Hotel Project: A case study in progress

The Flagstone Hotel project is our latest Tavern project located in southwest Brisbane.  Our clients purchased the site with an existing design and approached Alchemy Consulting to assist them with turning the project into reality, and importantly, meeting contractual responsibilities with the developers. 

Given that the Owners are in NSW, they needed a local Architect familiar with Queensland approval processes and with the ability to successfully manage and collaborate with local consultants.  In addition to this, we carried out detailed design and checking statutory compliance, which will allow compliance with local regulations and culminate in the submission of Building Approval.

Our process for the Flagstone Hotel project has been based on investigating and improving the building design, understanding the approval framework, sourcing experienced and proven consultants, and providing a clear communication framework that allows efficient and collaborative input from all project members.  This will result in a timely solution that satisfies the Owner’s ultimate objective for Building Approval.


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