Alchemy Project - Borella House Care Facility

Borella House Care Facility

New life for 1980's Residential care community

Borella House is an existing 42-bed Residential Care Facility (RCF) built in the early 1980s. The owners identified the need for additional beds to cater for changing aged care requirements such as Transitional Care. In addition, the existing facility was upgraded to comply with current regulations and improvements to existing resident rooms and communal spaces.

The project involved alterations and additions to provide a total of 64 residential rooms, together with living/dining spaces, nurse stations, clean/dirty utility areas and service rooms.

In addition to working on the new spaces, we resolved issues associated with upgrading the existing facility, including implementation of the Access to Premises Standard, BCA requirements and the SEPP Housing For Seniors.

We carried out Master Planning of the site, including investigation of future Independent Living Units, together with design and documentation of the RCF, and carrying out Contract Administration through construction.

Site: Borella Road, Albury, NSW

Program: Residential Care Facility

Floor Area: 1,450 sqm

Site Area: 7,692 sqm

Nowra Senior Living Units

Nowra Uniting Independent Senior Living Units

Affordable accommodation for an ageing population

This project breaks new ground with a four-level residential building on the edge of Nowra’s CBD across the road from Uniting’s Osborne House which provides Residential Care. The development site occupies a transitional zone between the town centre and the established residential area of West Nowra. This fringe zone accommodates numerous professional services in converted residences and the Osborne House Aged Care Home.

The proposed building of 30 units will have an initial visual impression on the immediate streetscape in the short to medium term. The site has a 12-metre height limit signalling Council’s intention to create the opportunity for greater density on the fringe of the CBD and the proposed building leads this transition. 24 units will be occupied by seniors while the remaining 6 will be available as affordable housing.

The Nowra town centre is evolving and growing with a need to provide affordable accommodation for an ageing population close to services. The proximity to the retail centre and medical facilities in Junction Street, make this an ideal location for independent senior living units.

Site: Osbourne Street, Nowra, NSW

Program: Residential Aged Care – 30 units

Floor Area: 2,720 sqm

Site Area: 2,051 sqm

This project was managed or designed by Steven Bayer during his time at Edmiston Jones.

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Nowra Senior Living Units Plan
The Glenn Residential Care Facility_A3

The Glen Residential Care Centre

A residential aged community in a tranquil location

The Glen is a seniors living community located in a peaceful suburban setting.

The central administration is the hub of the complex incorporating reception, offices, main kitchen and laundry along with a function hall and hairdressing salon as well as a medical consulting room.

The thoroughfare functions as a “street” with a cafe providing a place to meet or watch the activities of the village.

All buildings are oriented to the north, maximising direct sunlight into the majority of rooms. A central lounge, TV area and dining room to each ‘house’ give focus to the communal activities. The objective of The Glen is to enhance the opportunity for social interaction while respecting each individual’s need for privacy and security.

Site: Correa Place, Catalina, NSW

Program: 92 bed Residential Aged Care Centre

Floor Area: 5,752 sqm

This project was managed or designed by Steven Bayer during his time at Edmiston Jones.

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IRT Culburra Retirement Project by Steven Bayer

IRT Culburra Retirement Village

Enhancing the quality of life for residents

We have been part of the journey that has seen the Culburra Retirement Village evolve from the accepted aged care model in the late 1980’s with residents moving from self-care units, to the hotel style hostel and, finally, the hospital-like environment of the nursing home.

Later additions adopted the normalisation trend at the time, creating ‘houses’ with individual bedrooms clustered around common living and dining areas. As architects we struggled with the challenge of creating homelike environments with buildings of 14 to 16 bedrooms, and commensurate sized lounge and dining areas, presenting as domestic scale dwellings.

The increasing prevalence of dementia in society and the trend to support ‘ageing in place’ has put pressure on facilities to be designed appropriately to accommodate this changing demographic with dignity and security. The challenge of designing for dementia is one that needs to be taken seriously and considered carefully in our design of appropriate spaces for seniors.

We also understand the importance of well-designed infrastructure to support the hard-working staff and management. The completed project will allow a level care that meets the needs of contemporary society and will support leading edge nursing in a physical environment that enhances the quality of life for its residents.

Site: Culburra Road, Culburra, NSW

Program: Aged Care Development

Floor Area: 4,691.2 sqm

This project was managed or designed by Steven Bayer during his time at Edmiston Jones.

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