We all have a responsibility to do our part for our environment

Alchemy adopts sustainable practices through means of working with digital technologies for communication and professional tooling.

In addition to our day-to-day environments, we ensure that we choose the best sustainable materials and technologies for our projects.


Our Social Responsibility Commitment

Alchemy believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is crucial and we commit to continuously strive to make a positive social and environmental impact for future generations.

Our charity, community and social support groups include:

  • The Lady Musgrave Trust
  • Participation in the annual Movember month
  • Participation in the annual Push-up challenge for Men's mental health
  • Regular blood donor for the Australian Red Cross
  • Sponsorship through The Smith Family

Alchemy Consulting is a business that stands against violence, mistreatment and inequality towards women.

Men's violence or oppression toward women is unforgivable. No matter how some men 'justify' their violence, it is simply unacceptable. It is cowardly, cruel and wrong. Unfortunately, we hear about domestic violence all too often in Australia and I continue, like many others, to feel angry, embarrassed and sad. I do not understand why men cannot resolve their issues in ways that are more reasonable, dignified, or human. As men, collectively, we must continue to do more, do better. We must speak up when we see injustice and pledge to eradicate all aspects of mistreatment and inequality of women.

Lady Musgrave Trust
Australian Red Cross
Movember Foundation
Mens Mental Health Push Up Challenge
The Smith Family