Batemans Bay Golf Links Drive

A precedent for residential living in Batemans Bay.

Set into an established precinct of generally single dwellings with some units, the Batemans Bay project takes advantage of a location in close proximity to the Clyde River and an increased allowable density and height. Compliance with Apartment Design Guide requirements, including sun access and cross ventilation, was an important consideration in the design.

The project is a 15 unit development of five levels, containing a combination of one, two and three bedroom dwellings. There is a strong argument for increased population in existing urban areas as well-considered densification capitalises on existing urban infrastructure while limiting urban sprawl. This complex will have the added benefit of being close to golfing and boating.

This project was a chance to exercise our skill in specialised housing including in-house experts in Interior Architecture, accessibility and sustainability.

Site: Golf Links Drive, Batemans Bay, NSW

Program: Residential Development – 15 Units

Floor Area: 3,157.6 sqm

Site Area: 2,288 sqm


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