Borella House Care Facility

Alchemy Project - Borella House Care Facility

New life for 1980's Residential care community

Borella House is an existing 42-bed Residential Care Facility (RCF) built in the early 1980s. The owners identified the need for additional beds to cater for changing aged care requirements such as Transitional Care. In addition, the existing facility was upgraded to comply with current regulations and improvements to existing resident rooms and communal spaces.

The project involved alterations and additions to provide a total of 64 residential rooms, together with living/dining spaces, nurse stations, clean/dirty utility areas and service rooms.

In addition to working on the new spaces, we resolved issues associated with upgrading the existing facility, including implementation of the Access to Premises Standard, BCA requirements and the SEPP Housing For Seniors.

We carried out Master Planning of the site, including investigation of future Independent Living Units, together with design and documentation of the RCF, and carrying out Contract Administration through construction.

Site: Borella Road, Albury, NSW

Program: Residential Care Facility

Floor Area: 1,450 sqm

Site Area: 7,692 sqm


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