South Coast Tavern designed by Alchemy Consulting Pty Ltd

Greenfields South Coast Tavern Development

Alchemy Consulting were engaged by an existing hospitality client to design a greenfields tavern development in a new Town Centre west of Wollongong on the NSW South Coast.  In the early stages of design, the project will be one of the first commercial developments in the new suburb, which will provide a local hub for the community.

Located on a previously rural property, the new tavern will provide an entertainment area of 2,000m2 including outdoor areas and over basement parking.  The tavern spaces provided include Bistro, Public and Sports Bars, Kids Play area and Alfresco gaming.  

The irregular shaped corner block required careful design consideration to resolve complex vehicular movements and parameters associated with road widening.  Important design decisions also determined that the building maximised the northern orientation and views to the escarpment, combined with large internal spatial volumes. 

Together with a rural and industrial aesthetic, and the use of biophylic design throughout the tavern, the tavern will provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the patrons.

South Coast Tavern | Alchemy Consulting Pty Ltd
South Coast Tavern Architects Render plan | Alchemy Consulting Pty Ltd
South Coast Tavern Architects Render plan from outside | Alchemy Consulting Pty Ltd
Ulladulla Civic Centre Project

Ulladulla Civic Centre

Decades of debate over the Ulladulla Civic Centre ended with Shoalhaven City Council resolving to redevelop this decaying landmark. Ulladulla Civic Centre refurbishment and extensions is a $5.5m project incorporating a tourist centre and library as well as modifications to the existing auditorium.